Jon Boat Plans - Building Your Own Jon Boat Is The Way To Go

Published: 22nd February 2010
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When I think about that crusty old time Jon boat my father built 33 years ago just carries me back to being a kid. He didn't have any Jon boat plans, he just spent what seemed forever drawing up and reworking his own idea of how was going to construct it. A solid year of making mistakes and learning from them is what it took for him to finish his work of art. As an end result, it provided me with a childhood of great memories of hanging out on the lake fishing from dusk til dawn with dear old dad.

Now I'm grown up with a little boy of my own. My boy and love to fish more than anything and it really has brought us closer than ever over the 7 years of his life. It feels just like the great times I used to spend hanging with pop. Unfortunately my dad's Jon boat is no longer with us today, so my boy and I would just hang out on the dock and cast out our lines. One late afternoon after leaving the dock with only a few bites and no catch to show for our effort. I said to my son:"How would you feel if we had a boat of our own?" With those words spoken the biggest smile I had ever seen spread across his face he said:" Really dad! We can get a boat!" I said:"Yes my boy but there is only one catch, you have to help me build it." From then on began the father son project of a lifetime.

I remembered what a difficult time my dad had designing his boat. It took him so many different tries of reworking his measurements and getting advice from a friend of the family who was a local boat builder before he finally got things right. I couldn't even tell you how much material was wasted in the first 6 months of construction. Remembering all the trouble my dad went through I knew that I needed to do this right the first time with as little problems as possible. I wanted the boat production to be a smooth ride for my son and I. With the technological advancements of today I knew that there had to be somehow the computer could make life easier.

After looking for the right software I found the one that would do just what we needed to make designing our Jon boat hassle free. It took me a little while to get used to the interface but within a fraction of the time it took my dad to draft the boat we had a full in depth Jon boat blueprint that we figured out our selves. With that nuisance out of the way it was time for the fun part, construction!

Over the several months to come we spent every single weekend together out in the garage going to town on our new dream water vessel. I wasn't about to let my little man operate any power tools (mom would have chopped my head off) but aside from that he was great help and kept the dream alive. He was so happy about it and would tell anybody he encountered how he and his pops were building a boat together. This in turn kept me motivated I couldn't stop picturing the two of us sitting in the middle of the lake sipping on root beer just pulling in the fish.

Finally after a whole lot of hard work and dedication we were finished with our super cool little jon boat. We have been out on the water just about every week ever since. There is even enough room on board for mommy to come with too.' It makes me so happy when we can get the whole family out on the boat. It means so much to me to be able to do for my boy what my father was able to do for me as a child. I'm the happiest dad ever.

Designing and building your own boat can truly be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It will save you hundreds of dollars and the overall feeling of gratification can not compare to anything money can buy. If you're interested in designing your own Jon Boat Plans
or really any type of boat you desire. You might want to look into the boat designing software that enabled me to build the boat of my dreams. You can find more information at

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